Quartz Countertops From Absolute Marble and Granite

Quartz countertops are a product that is engineered, however , made up of 93% quartz stone and 7% polyester resin. Engineered quartz is much more than two times as sturdy as granite and is maintenance free.

Additionally it is heat resistant, stain resistant, non-porous, and mildew and mold resilient. It has an even pattern plus much more color options than natural stone. Organic quartz is located in great quantity in the Earth- it’s second only to water as the most commonly encountered mineral-based form on our earth.

It is by natural means tough and scratch resistant. Primarily only diamonds, topaz, and sapphire are harder than quartz. The unprocessed quartz crystals utilized to produce quartz countertops vary in size from coarse grain to the scale coarse salt.

Right after they are chosen and ground, the crystals are joined with binding agents and color, subsequently heated and vibrated to generate an dense surface. The resulting slabs are a quartz matrix which will not acquire fractures and doesn’t need to have a sealer applied.
This results in a gorgeous and easy to maintain countertop that will last for many years.solid_solid-surface

Our goal at  Absolute Marble and Granite is to help you produce the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams a real possibility with our stunning, resilient and high quality quartz countertops. The brand names of quartz countertops we provide on our website present you with a wide array of styles and colors so that you will definitely select one that is just the thing for you.

Our quartz countertops stand for style and luxury in your kitchen and bathroom. Your brand new quartz countertop will instantly change up the way your kitchen area looks and will demand attention at each and every family get together.

Using quartz countertops will increase the component of class and elegance to any kitchen. You can certainly visit our Quartz Showroom or check out our collection of quartz countertop materials on our website. In either case we are thrilled to be your quartz countertop supplier.


We produce Quartz countertops from the top companies like
Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone and  Zodiaq